Power and Fuel Efficiency

in One Transmission

CVTCORP designs and manufactures the most powerful and fuel efficient transmissions in the Industry. We provide the best possible solutions for the toughest applications:

  • Power – get the most power to the ground by transferring more power from any engine compared to any other type of transmission.
  • Efficient – the best fuel economy at all speed ranges and in all conditions due to superior design efficiency – up to 94% efficiency.
  • Rugged – best low-end power available for heavy equipment without using a torque converter.
  • Simple – a robust and simple design that works with mechanical or electronic engines for worldwide application platforms.
  • Value – a cost effective solution compared to complex hydraulic CVTs and powershifts; fewer clutches, pumps, gears and electronics.
  • Preferred - customer preference due to ease of use, built in power shuttle, auto shifting and simple controls. Perfect for rental and multiple-user work environments.
  • Flexible – transmission control software that is simple to integrate and adapt to equipment at any sophistication level –mechanical or electronic. Multiple control modes are available for any application need.
  • Scalable - CVTCORP’s traction drive CVT technology is scalable to cover a wide range of power bands. Independent of power, the unique design keeps its industry leading efficiency and power to the ground.
  • Electrification Enabler - transmission allows motor and drive downsizing while improving range and battery management.

Proven Technology since 2001

CVTCORP specializes in the design and developement of high power, high efficiency and cost effective traction drive CVT systems. The infinite number of ratios provided by the transmission enables the power equipment to do more work, with less fuel, in less time. Our mechanical CVT offers a cost-effective solution for many agricultural, off-highway and industrial applications. Our proven and reliable technology is protected by more than 20 patent families worldwide.