Simple Design

The rugged simple design of our transmission leads to long operating life with minimal maintenance. Compare our design to other CVTs and powershifts and you will quickly see that CVTCORP’s simplistic design “adds” up to significant design and cost savings.

transmission cvt cvtcorp
transmission cvt cvtcorp

Less Fuel by Design

Our mechanical CVT offers the best in engine optimization and transmission efficiency which means greater overall fuel economy.

Powershifts, while more efficient at a specific speed, only offer a limited number of gear ratios that results in poor engine utilization and limits overall fuel efficiency.

Not all CVT transmissions are created equal! Hydro-mechanical CVTs are highly complex systems that require various sub-systems and components to work together through a very sophisticated control system.

More Work

Tired of 20 x 20 shuttle shift gears and ranges? Partial Powershift and Power Shuttle options? Our mechanical CVT can be as simple as choosing between forward and reverse to as sophisticated as you wish. Control options and settings for loader work, creeper speeds and ground speed cruise control are easy to add and integrate into the cab.

Improved Driver Experience

Tractors equipped with CVTCORP transmission are easy to use. With the integrated power shuttle, the hardest repetitive work can be performed effortless.

Increased Safety

The sophisticated controls provide the ability to customize the vehicle behavior resulting in increased safety and peace of mind.

Not just for Powertrains!

We are working with OEM’s to test our mechanical CVT technology in continuously variable PTO’s, agricultural implements, cooling fans and combine headers.  Our simple rugged design is easy to incorporate into many different applications.